Sunday, 1 June 2014

Where is my teaching heading?

Here is a diagram that shows how "follow-up work" can either be substituted into a digital format, augmented, modified or redefined using the affordences of technology:

My aim is to set tasks that redefine the previous model of "follow-up work". My students need to be synthesizing information from a range of sources, discussing, debating, critiquing and justifying their opinions. They need to be able to search for information, judge whether it is a quality source they are using, and paraphrase the key ideas. They need to be able to present this information in a creative way that would not have been possible in the analogue world.

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  1. So awesome to see your thinking around some of these ideas. I really look forward to some face to face discussions over the next few weeks, and working towards even more awesomeness for our little learners.