Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Coming back down to earth

So it's not all about me....

Of course I know this, but when I began thinking about my professional teacher inquiry for this year, I thought about all the things I was interested in doing. In my past life, I have really loved all things creative so my immediate ideas were around how to increase creativity and independence in literacy activities. 

However... I came back down to earth when I was reminded that my teaching inquiry must be based on the actual needs of my class.

When I looked at my reading data from the end of last year, I could see a group of students who sat around the blue-green level, who I had found very difficult to move. This year I have a number of Year 2 & 3 students at this same level, who I would like to focus my inquiry around to see if I can make a significant shift with them.

Firstly I will look into decoding strategies for this level, and then get into word work. I will talk to reading recovery teachers and an RTLit to get advice, and construct Explain Everything projects to reinforce the learning done during group direct instruction. 

Any ideas are more than welcome - this is not something I am an expert at!

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  1. That 6-5-7 Year reading age can be a tough barrier. Your inquiry will be valuable for many of us in our teaching.